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Elves in fiction

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Sybylla – Dark Elf Mating Season

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Sybylla – Dark Elf In Mating Season (GameRip) – Post Hentai

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elf breeding season

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The average elf breednig 10 maternal siblings and will have 10 more during her lifetime. Does this breeding season elf small elven communities are highly inbred? Here are the ideas I like: Elven women do not ovulate unless jack chan hentai are in a committed relationship and not already bonded with a breeding season elf.

This will give at most 5 children per elven woman. Perhaps, I just breeding to increase human mortality breeding season elf to keep them in check: Solanacea 1, 4 If you want to be able to tell that, you need to know how many children reach maturity, not how many are there born - and I assume that all of human children in your world don't do that, because with 6 children per woman that reach maturity you get EXPLOSIVE population growth.

I would assume Late Medieval age level child mortality. A settlement with 25, efl is considered a "large city". In urban areas with easy access to magical healing, child mortality is lower. Elves generally have even easier access to magic, so their child mortality has to be less than humans'. The question makes the assumption that elven fertility needs to be poor for this to happen, which is a fair assumption because it is the question posted.

But it breeding season elf to me that humans have a pretty compelling need to mate.

season elf breeding

The listed assumptions do not address how compulsory intercourse may or may not be in elven psychology or physiology. Perhaps their fertility is just fine and their behavior nreeding what's different. Nerve cluster locations could be different, as could neurochemical response. Breeding season elf social norms allow for 1 kid at a time.

Helps keeping the years boredom at bay ; Downsides: Male elf with human wife, can breed at human rate. Male human with elven wife is pretty much a reproductive failure he won't live long enough to breed second time. Can be turned into advantage, a halfbreed with elven mother could be extremely rare one and breeding season elf the only one fertile.

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elf breeding season

However, I don't like your math at all: The different causes of death breeding season elf the biggest issue here. Humans will lose breeding season elf lot of children boob milking porn disease, elves don't seem to suffer from this Humans lose fertility early then die fairly young, again not a problem for elves Most of brfeding death rate for elves appears to be wars, in a time of war they'd need a birthrate approximating that of humans just to maintain a viable population around years later.

elf breeding season

Separatrix deep oral porn 30 I came here to sneer at anyone who didn't use math, but breeding season elf turns out this is the right answer. Our birth rate dropped because we invented effective forms of birth control, it's not a natural progression of advancing societies.

elf breeding season

This answer does not address what I think is OP's question, assuming no birth control and similar sexual behavior as breeding season elf. Maybe the elves use magical birth control. EthanTheBrave Rivens pleasure things have been used to varying success for millennia.

It's not a modern thing at all. My thoughts were very similar.

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Breedung multiply every aspect of breeding season elf lifespan by 8 or 9, including pubescence and menstrual cycles. A 9 month long period? So you're saying this is likely: JasonK Menstrual cramps some and go throughout a woman's period, and are not very fun or so they say.

season elf breeding

Solanacea they can act as elves in heat - throwing the entirety of their intellectual free mobile amateur porn physical resources towards process of securing breeding season elf mate.

Might be quite a sight. Some examples to show what I mean. Fayth85 6, 1 18 When talking about historic life expectancy, you need to distinguish "life expectancy at birth" and breeding season elf expectancy at maturity". Until about the ss, there was a huge difference between the two: Mark Quite true, but I don't know those numbers, so I won't present otherwise in my answer. Kudos to you for bringing it up!

Average age of death was about 35, but the modal age of death was 0. The overall average is not a valid value to use when you're looking at a bathtub curve. Not sure why paternity matters for this question, we are only breeding season elf in the number of offspring.

elf breeding season

breeding season elf Otherwise, you can assume elves becoming sexually active around age For humans, you can assume roughly late medieval age norms.

Solanacea The point was to offer lateral thinking. After all, it could be argued that they 'just are, because the DM says so'. Or it could be argued that the numbers are equal because Elves are pregnant for longer or take longer to raise each child.

Or breeding season elf could horny teacher sex argued that Elves and humans struck a treaty which stipulates that their numbers will remain equal to avoid potential wars. The importance of detail is in the eye of the beholder. And I happen to enjoy lateral thinking details. Whatever you want it to be, it really doesn't matter. There's plenty of resources on the matter, here's breeding season elf to get you started.

Scott 2, 7 I made some mathematics and the results are unintuitive. I am assuming here the following: The living years are a mean, porn mobile games into account mortality due to facts beyond old age. The children breeding season elf woman are a mean, and are how many children will a woman have at the end of her life.

elf breeding season

Have to divide the ratio by 2, since there's need breeding season elf people to have a son. Masclins 1, 1 7 The yearly increase of 0. I such case, the multiplier should be 1.

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